Billit: Scan and digitise invoices and receipts with your smartphone camera

Do you still receive all your invoices on paper as well?

Scan and import them by e-mail, as PDFs or on the go with the app.

Fast input and Billit’s digital mailbox mean you can effortlessly convert all your documents, invoices and receipts into a digital format. You can automate the processing of non-digital documents too. Quickly import your documents by uploading them, by e-mail, or by taking a photo with the Billit app. Our machine learning OCR converts all your sales invoices to digital documents in an instant. You can benefit from the many advantages of digitising your business for your purchase invoices as well.

Overview Expenditure:

1Easily import invoices, receipts and documents into Billit by uploading them, emailing them or scanning them with your computer or the app.

2The OCR reads for you, you just check the data
The OCR reads all data on your documents or photos and fills them in correctly on the UBL. You only have to Check whether everything is correct.

3Create your own approval flow
Set up how and by whom purchase invoices must be approved before they can be processed.

4Save online as UBL or document
Store all your receipts and invoices online as a UBL document and automate the processing of your purchase invoices.

I’m all for digitisation but what about my non-digital suppliers and customers?
No worries, at Billit we have a solution for this too! Besides the option of sending PDFs of invoices by e-mail or sending paper versions with Bpost, Billit also has a fast input functionality. Thanks to this digital mailbox and its intelligent OCR, you can convert all your non-digital invoices into digital invoices in no time at all. Ensuring you can take full advantage of the benefits of digitisation for non-digital documents. And to make life even easier, you can even add receipts and invoices to this fast input using the Billit app. Simply take a photo with your smartphone and the receipt or invoice will appear in your fast input. In Billit, you can also import and store financial documents that cannot be converted into a digital invoice, such as rental agreements or Visa credit card statements. Ensuring all your financial documents are stored on one single platform. As Billit stores all your data and documents in the cloud, you always have access to your data, any time, anywhere. All you need is a computer with an internet connection and a browser. Handy, right?

Billit app: scan invoices on the go

The Billit app:

Billit in your pocket

The Billit app:

Billit in your pocket

The Billit app is the mobile sidekick of the Billit platform. Initially the app was mainly used for fast input, enabling users to scan receipts and invoices on the go. App users will have noticed that more features were added to the app in recent months. But that’s not all. Our developers are continually working on new features and applications. Always check the updates in your app store.

Create and send invoices and quotations (by e-mail or through Peppol)

Scan receipts and invoices with your smartphone camera

View and download your incoming and outgoing invoices

Get an overview of invoices that are past due, view the balance of linked bank accounts and check your cashflow on the dashboard.

Manager your customer and supplier listings

Use the app to call or send e-mails to customers or suppliers or contact support

View the list of documents and bank transactions