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Work orders

  • What is a work order?

    A work order, also known as a job sheet, is a document used to record the details of a completed task or service. It is typically used in industries such as construction, installation, repair, and maintenance, where work is performed on-site.

    A work order typically includes the following information:

    • Company information: The logo, name, and contact details of the company providing the service.
    • Customer information: The name, address, and contact details of the customer receiving the service.
    • Date and time: The date and time when the work was performed.
    • Task description: A description of the work performed, including any materials used.
    • Hours: The number of hours worked for the task or service.
    • Costs: Any costs associated with the performed work, such as materials, travel expenses, or additional charges.
    • Signatures: Space for both the signature of the employee who performed the work and the customer's signature to confirm the completion of the job.

    Work orders are important because they serve as an official record of the work performed and can be used for various purposes such as billing, proof of service delivery, and generating reports and analysis. They also help streamline communication between the company and the customer by providing a detailed overview of the work done and the associated costs.