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Simple step-by-step guides for questions asked

Getting started

Billit System Requirements

Getting started with Billit in 6 steps (+video)

Creating an account

How to modify user and company settings

Subject to or exempt from VAT

Create new user

Change your login email address

Setting up user rights

Adding an existing user to a file

Login with your Microsoft account

Login with your Apple ID

Setting up multi-factor authentication or two-step verification

Create a new/extra file

I haven't received any verification mails from Billit. What should I do?

How can I track my monthly usage in Billit?

Manage customers, suppliers and products

Adding customers or suppliers

Adding a customer or supplier list

Adding a foreign supplier

Adding extra fields to the customer details (and on an invoice)

Adding several email addresses to the customer details

Customers and/or suppliers with a foreign bank account

Adding a product

Adding an Excel list with products

Adding an image to a product (and on an invoice)

Grouping products

Linking products

Consulting turnover per customer or cost per supplier

Set standard VAT rate for new customers

A supplier appears twice in my list, but I can't remove him.

Using GLN numbers instead of VAT numbers

Add Register of Legal Entities to customer, supplier and company details

Setting the validity period of a quotation at customer level

Switching from sole proprietorship to a company

Creating and sending invoices

What is an electronic invoice?

Creating and sending an invoice

How do I send an electronic invoice to the government?

Can I use other currencies for my invoices?

How to create a periodic invoice

How to delete invoices

How to apply financial discount

Changing the payment terms

How to add a logo to your invoice

How do I add general terms and conditions to my invoice?

How do I add an attachment to my invoice or quote?

How to change your document numbering

Sending automatic reminders

How to send an e-invoice to a Basware client

Which VAT rates can I use for my sales invoices?

Charging VAT to foreign private customers (One Stop Shop)

6% VAT certificates

How to add VAT exemption to your invoices

Importing an Excel time registration into an invoice

Time registration options

Sending Admisol e-invoices via Peppol

What is a pro forma invoice?

What is the One Stop Shop (OSS)?

How do I know whether customers or suppliers are affiliated with Peppol?

Send and receive invoices to and from Italy through the SDI integration

Other documents

Work orders or worksheets

Letting your customer sign quotations online

Letting your customer sign order forms online

How to create an order form

How to create a delivery note

How to create purchase invoices and cover letters for purchases and sales

How can I automatically check the payment obligation at the NSSO?

Payroll XML files from SD Worx and Acerta

How to create an advance invoice

Receiving e-invoices

Receiving (digital) invoices with Billit

Receiving e-invoices from Dats24

Receiving e-invoices from KBC auto lease

Receiving e-invoices from Luminus

Receiving e-invoices from Proximus

Receiving e-invoices from Telenet

Receiving e-invoices from Liantis

Receiving e-invoices from SDWorx

Receiving e-invoices from Acerta

Receiving e-invoices from Xerius

Receiving e-invoices from Farys

Receiving e-invoices from Eneco

Receiving e-invoices from Belfius Autolease

Companies using Peppol

Importing documents (Fast input)

Automatically import invoices from your inbox

How do I import purchase invoices and other documents in Billit? (fast input or the Billit app)

Which VAT rates can I use for my purchase invoices?

The Billit app

Advanced settings for fast input

Sending processed invoices back to fast input

Adjust the 'To be sent' status of imported invoices

Approving expenditures

Importing Word or Excel documents

Importing old invoices in Billit

How to process Visa / MasterCard statements in Billit

How to handle social secretariat documents in Billit

Exporting invoices from Koalabox and importing in Billit

Exporting invoices from Carfac and importing in Billit

Adding extra text to the pdf version of an invoice

Selecting documents across multiple pages


Sending invoices and reminders via email through Billit

Follow up on sent emails from Billit

Receiving invoices in fast input via your own email address

Sending invoices, mails and reminders in a different language


How do I link my bank(s) for automatic payment checks?

How do I link my bank via Codabox?

How do I link my bank via KBC Touch?

How do I connect my bank account(s) with Billbank?

How do I link my bank account(s) with Ponto?

How do I link my bank via ING?

Manually import bank transactions

How to set up automatic payment control tailored to your company

Manual payment control

Process payments and partial payments of invoices without CODA

Processing invoices without transaction (cash or credit note)

Billpay: pay purchase invoices in Billit

How to pay via payment files

How to generate a structured remittance on my invoice

How to get paid via direct debit

How to delete bank accounts in Billit

How to process a fixed monthly payment (repayment) in Billit


How to personalise the Billit dashboard


How can I customize the lay-out of my invoices?

How can I customize the lay-out of cover letters (emails) and reminders?

Who can help me with the lay-out templates of my invoices?

Changing the invoice lay-out to a U.S. format envelope

Other features

How to keep track of your daily earnings

Vehicle register book (for garage owners)

Different types of QR codes in Billit

Importing time registration from Excel in an invoice

Export reports via e-mail or Billsync


How to link accounting software

Linking entrepreneurial and admin accounts

Disconnect a company from your accountant profile

Corporate style accountant portal

What accounting software is supported by Billit?

What order is chosen when importing a file into an accounting software?

I get an error when importing the UBL in other software

Adding file managers to your office

Ledger accounts

How do I link file managers to files?

How to manage file manager rights

What reports can you generate as an accountant?

How to manage licences as an accountant

How to group receipts per payment method while exporting a file (only via Billsync)

Importing UBL invoices from FID manager

Importing UBL invoices from Admin-IS or Admin-Consult (Syneton)

Linking Billit with AdminPulse (Syneton)

Sending Xerius documents in UBL format to your customers

Linking Zoho Books with Billit (3rd party via CuReMa)



Linking Billit with Expert/M Plus

Linking Billit with Accowin

Linking Billit with Accowin Online

Linking Billit with Winbooks

Linking Billit with Winbooks Connect or Winbooks Online

Linking Billit with Exact Online

Linking Billit with Exact Online: error export canceled

Linking Billit with Adsolut

Linking Billit with Octopus

Linking Billit with Wings (local installation)

Linking Billit with Wings (cloud version)

Linking Billit with Admisol

Linking Billit with Venice

Linking Billit with Venice (3rd party via Silicon)

Linking Billit with Sage BOB

Linking Billit with VERO Count

Linking Billit with Popsy (Allegro)

Linking Billit with Yuki

Unable to process mail error. What do I do?

How to automate payment checks for accountants who download CODA files via Isabel 6


I don't see the integration I want under Integrations

How to link with Teamleader

KBC Touch (paying invoices in KBC Touch)

KBC Touch (importing CODA files in Billit)

This Billit user doesn't have access to the CBE number you're using in KBC Touch

How to link with Clearfacts

How to link with SBBSlim

How to link with Payconiq by bancontact

How to link with Mollie

How to link with Amazon

How to link with

How to link with MyOnlineStore

How to link with Prestashop

How to link with Adobe Commerce (Magento)

How to link with Webador

How to link with Ecwid

How to link with Woocommerce

How to link with CCV

How to link with Shopify

How to link with Lightspeed eCom

How to link with Lightspeed POS (L & K series) Restaurant & retail

How to link with Opencart

How to link with Toggl

How to link with Clockify

How to link with Scrada

How to link with OutSmart

How to link with Stripe

How to link with Bookingplanner by Stardekk

How to link with Cashplannr

How to link with Unpaid (Digital Bailiff)

Euler Hermes


Be Paid

Impressto (Nubes)

SDI: Send and receive invoices to and from Italy


Can Billit develop a new integration for application x?


What is Mercurius?

What is PEPPOL?

What is Chorus?

What is UBL?

How to send a (free) e-invoice to a government service or PEPPOL connected company over PEPPOL?

How do I know whether customers or suppliers are affiliated with Peppol?

I receive the message: "The message did not pass the validation: Message is a duplicate: ID_Sender_Receiver_DocType"

Sending Admisol electronic invoices via Peppol

Receiving IMR messages via Peppol

Confidentiality (GDPR)

Why do I have to sign a DPA?

Billit Privacy Policy

Billit DPA


Billit API

How does security work in the Billit API?


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