Link your files and accounting software in a central platform

The free accountant portal that lets you focus on your core business

The Billit platform collects all your files in 1 convenient place. This way you can see at a glance what your entrepreneurs are doing and you always have access to their documents. Moreover, you can link your accounting package and automate time-consuming tasks such as copying data. This will leave you more time for your core tasks.

Billit - Accountants
Manage your work

Set an export frequency and receive the documents from your entrepreneurs automatically. You can manage your work better and follow-up in time.



A Billit portal is and always will be free for accountants.

Real-time collaboration

Get easy access to all your files and monitor them real-time. That way, you can provide timely and tailored advice to your entrepreneurs.

Discover what Billit can do for your business

Create a free accountants portal and manage your files in one central platform. Get the maximum out of Billit by integrating your existing software.


Overview & dashboards

Consult the real-time financial status of your customers at a glance. That way, you can immediately adjust where necessary.


Digital archive

Don't spend hours flipping through folders looking for that one invoice. With the handy search features in Billit, you'll find the info you need right away.



Billit's smart software automatically scans your entrepreneurs invoices. They make fewer mistakes, and you have less to correct afterwards.


Link your accounting software

Billit can connect with more than 30 accounting packages. This means you can keep working with your familiar software.


Export at your pace

Choose when and how often you want to export your clients' documents.



Easily export CODA files for free.


Free corporate style

Set up your portal and that of your entrepreneurs for free according to your personal corporate identity. Create a unique web link with the name of your office.


Work safely

Your data and that of your business owners is secure thanks to the latest technologies such as MFA and SSO.



Send and receive invoices securely over the Peppol network. Get free and automatic access to Billit's official access point.

Link Billit with your accounting software

Discover all the possibilities for linking Billit with your accounting software.

How it works:

Billit provides invoicing software for entrepreneurs, with a free portal for accountants. As an accountant, you can keep an overview of your customers' files in one place and automatically export xml invoices (both purchase and expenditure) to your own accounting software.

Link your customers

Create new Billit accounts for your customers or link existing ones to your free accountant portal. Switch easily between your customer files in your portal and keep an overview in your dashboard.

Digitize purchase invoices

With the smart OCR function in their own Billit-portal, your clients easily convert PDFs, images and invoices into xml files. They no longer have to retype anything, only check the data. Your entrepreneurs can also receive UBL invoices, which means their invoices are always imported 100% correctly.

Bank connections

Through the digital bank connection, your entrepreneurs' transactions are automatically matched with incoming and outgoing invoices.

Link your accounting software

Link your accounting software and easily import both purchase and expenditure invoices automatically in the user-friendly xml format. This will save you a lot of processing time in your accounting software.


Decide when and how often you want to export invoices and bank transactions. That way, you stay in control and you can spread your workload better.

Start digitizing now

Live online webinar

Attend a live, online webinar and walk through the entire platform with a colleague.

Free portal

Take a look at the portal and test out Billit in advance.

Integrate seamlessly with with more that 30 accounting packages

Billit supports the following software (and more):

The days of shoeboxes full of documents or bulging filing cabinets are a thing of the past!
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