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Extra features

In addition to the automatic processing of your income and expenses, Billit has a whole range of other features that simplify your administration.

Billit - Extra features

All additional features in Billit

Activate the extra features to fully digitize your workflow.


Keep track of hours worked

Register working hours as a basis for your invoices.


Work by project

Group time registrations and invoices by project.


Keep a digital register book as a garage owner

Register the cars in your garage and use that data as a basis for invoices.


Keep a digital daily sales book

Easily register your daily sales without an invoice.


Keep a digital cash book

Easily and clearly register all your cash receipts and expenses.


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All features
Manage your projects wherever you are

Time registration & projects

  • Start a new time registration with a push of the button.
  • Assign your activities immediately to a customer or project.
  • Add a description to easily find your activities.
  • Work on your laptop or from anywhere with the useful mobile app.
Screenshot - Tijdsregistratie
Quickly and easily register all the cars in your shop

Register book (BE)

  • Register all the cars in your shop in our digital register book (mandatory in BE)
  • Add all mandatory data in a few clicks: number, licence plate, reason, date
  • You can link every entry to the correct invoice
Screenshots - Registerboek
Digitally register sales without invoice

Daily receipts (BE)

In the digital daily receipts book, you keep a daily record of all sales for which you have not created an invoice.

Screenshot - dagontvangsten
Keep track of your cash expenses and receipts digitally

Cash book (BE)

  • Digitally record all daily cash transactions in the Billit cash book.
  • No hassle with paper books and/or archives.
  • Easily share the cash book digitally with your bookkeeper/accountant.
Screenshot Kasboek 656 X 600 EN

Other features

Smartphone - Ticket in Fast Input


Receive and process your incoming invoices faster.

Smartphone - Dashboard

Link your bank

Link your bank and track the payment status of your invoices.

Laptop - Dashboard 616 X 462 EN


Boost your invoicing flow with integrations.

Laptop 2 656 X 462 NL

Peppol Access Point

Send and receive invoices securely via the Peppol network.

Peppol Access Point
Avoid repetitive work

Automate your administrative tasks