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Getting started with Billit in 5 steps

Getting started with Billit is super easy. Just follow the 5 steps below and you're off and running in no time! Do you prefer a personalized approach? Then register for free for one of our webinars.

Laptop & Smartphone - Dashboard
Step 1

Create your account

  • Create your free trial account using the button below and enter your company information.
  • Through the menu item 'My Company' you can further complete your company details.
Billit - Create Account
Step 2

Send your first invoice

  • Create your first invoice via the dashboard shortcut or via the 'Revenue' menu. Under 'My Company', make sure you have entered all the mandatory invoice information.
  • You can easily create a new customer when you generate an invoice, but you can also import a customer list via the 'Customers' menu.
  • Create products one by one, or import them from a list in the 'Products' menu.
Billit - Create Invoice
Step 3

Add expenses

  • Scan and digitize invoices and/or receipts via our digital inbox, Fast input. The smart software automatically reads them correctly.
  • Have digital invoices mailed directly to your Fast Input or retrieve them from your inbox.
  • Receive invoices through the Peppol network. When you create a Billit account, your business is automatically connected to the Peppol network through the Billit Access Point.
Billit - Fast Input
Step 4

Link your bank

  • Digitally connect your bank to the Billit platform via the 'Bank' tab in the 'My company' menu.
  • The bank connection allows Billit to check off both your incoming and outgoing invoices and automatically send reminders to you and your customers when an invoice is about to expire.
Billit - Link bank Account
Step 5

Link your bookkeeper or accountant

  • Link your bookkeeper's free account to your Billit file and instantly share all your invoices digitally.
  • Your bookkeeper doesn't have a Billit account yet? Feel free to provide us with their contact details. We will give them all the details.
Billit - Link Accountant

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Digitize your invoices and automate your time-consuming administration. You'll save yourself a lot of time and money.

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