Billit in your pocket

Scan receipts and track your work hours with the Billit app

The Billit app is the mobile counterpart to the Billit platform. You can use it to easily scan receipts and track your work hours via your smartphone – no matter where you are. Additionally, the entire platform is also accessible from the app.

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Billit in your pocket


Never lose receipts again

With the new Billit app, you can say goodbye to receipt chaos: you can instantly digitize your purchase receipts with your smartphone, even when you're on the go.


Automatic digitization

Scanned documents and invoices are digitally imported into quick entry or with your expenses in Billit.


Easily track your work hours

With a single press of a button, you can start and stop a time slot, which you can immediately assign to a project and/or a client.


Complete platform in your pocket

From the app, you can also use the entire Billit platform.

Try the Billit app

Help page

Find out how to import tickets via the app.

Create your Billit account

To use the Billit app, you need a Billit account. You can try this out for free for 15 days without obligation.