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Peppol Access Point

Receive and send e-invoices via the closed, international Peppol network.

Always compliant

The (international) legislation surrounding Peppol is changing rapidly. Our in-house experts follow all developments closely. This way you always stay compliant.

Security & Trust

Thanks to our focus on trust & security, your organization's confidential and GDPR-sensitive data is always safe.

Official Peppol Access Point

The secure network of the future

Governments and public institutions are the first organizations worldwide to be required to use the Peppol network.

Billit is one of the largest Peppol Access Points and sends and receives e-invoices from anywhere in the world. This expertise and the daily commitment of our e-invoicing specialists ensures that Billit is always compliant with all technical and legal provisions around e-invoicing and Peppol.

For this, you can use Billit's convenient cloud-based platform or you can link your administration's software via API or other connections.

European Parliament
You can rest assured

Safety and Compliance

Public institutions and organizations deal with valuable info from citizens and businesses. 

Thanks to our focus on security and trust, as a public organization you can rest assured that both your data and those of your customers and suppliers are always secure. Read more about our focus on security and compliance below.


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