Process your incoming invoices and receipts automatically and stop retyping data

Automate your entire expense flow from invoice to payment. Have your incoming invoices and receipts sent automatically to Billit. The smart software detects all data so all you have to do is check.

Billit - Expenditure
Complete your digital administration flow

Digitize your expenses


  • Easily scan and upload your purchase invoices and receipts via your smartphone. Automatically send them to Billit's digital mailbox.
  • Receive your other purchase invoices immediately in Billit, via email or Peppol.
  • The self-learning scanning function of our smart software reads and processes your documents automatically. This way you can digitize all your purchase documents without having to copy/paste anything yourself.
Billit - Fast Input
Link your bank and process your invoices automatically

Keep the financial overview of your business

  • Thanks to the link with your bank, Billit checks the payment status of your purchase invoices automatically. This way, you are automatically notified when an invoice is about to expire.
  • The bank connection also gives you an overview of your income and expenses in one centralized dashboard. You can see the financial status of your company at a glance.
  • Pay your invoices digitally via QR codes or payment files.
Billit - Expenditure
Connect digitally with your accountant

Invoice archive in the cloud

  • All your sales invoices are stored in the cloud. This way, you always have access to all your documents from any device with an Internet connection.
  • Thanks to the handy search function, you can find any invoice in no time. Use filters to quickly retrieve all invoices from a customer, or search which ones have not yet been paid.
  • At the end of the quarter, share all your sales invoices digitally with your accountant via email or connect with more than 30 accounting software packages.
Billit - Link Accountant
Billit in your pocket

Scan receipts on the go with the Billit app

The Billit app is the mobile counterpart of the Billit platform. You can use it to scan receipts via your smartphone, but the rest of the platform is also available from the app.

Download it from Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

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All expenditure functionalities

Automate your expense flow with these features.


Receive documents

Receive sales invoices, credit notes, receipts and other documents via email or Peppol. Upload them or automatically retrieve them from your inbox.


Receive via Peppol

Receive invoices through the secure closed Peppol network and avoid invoice fraud.


Digitize invoices and receipts

Digitize invoices and receipts via the quick entry function without having to copy/paste or retype them thanks to the self-learning scanning function.


Import via your smartphone

Import receipts and invoices on the go with your smartphone and never lose a document again.


Pay online

Pay online and without errors thanks to EPC QR codes or payment files.


Approval flow

Create an approval flow tailored to your business and approve invoices through the platform or via email.



Create suppliers via data from the CBE or import your own lists. Expand your supplier sheets with standard VAT rates and/or general ledger accounts.


Connect your bank

Connect your bank and have Billit automatically check your payments and send reminders.


Online archive

View and search your expenses from any device with a browser and Internet connection. Easily share everything online with your accountant.


Connect with your accountant

Send your digital accounts via email to your accountant or connect to their accounting software and sync automatically.


List of all features

All features
Avoid repetitive tasks.

Automate your expense flow

Keeping folders of receipts, invoices and expense reports is a thing of the past for me.

Ben Maes



Other features

Laptop - Create Invoice


Create and send invoices in minutes.

Smartphone - Dashboard

Link your bank

Link your bank and track the payment status of your invoices.

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Boost your invoicing flow with integrations.

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Peppol Access Point

Send and receive invoices securely via the Peppol network.

Peppol Access Point