Enhance your clients’ user experience

Integrated e-invoicing solutions for banks and financial institutions

Banks offering e-invoicing solutions to their clients will significantly improve the user experience of their own digital services

It will not only ensure safer, more efficient, and less error-prone invoice processing, clients will also be ready for mandatory e-invoicing in the future.

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Enhanced client satisfaction

Streamline your clients’ financial processes by offering additional services.

Extensive product range

Integrated e-invoicing ensures a more complete product range and boosts client loyalty.

Ready for the future!

With Billit, your business clients are ready for possible mandatory e-invoicing.

Be more than just a financial institution

Win your clients’ trust

The digital era is making it increasingly difficult for banks to make a difference to their clients. Business owners and companies have become a lot more demanding, and fast-changing digital trends and developments mean that financial institutions need to be able to tackle new challenges all the time to keep their clients’ loyalty.

Providing integrated e-invoicing solutions lets your clients use different digital services in a centralised way. This means significant time savings in processing incoming and outgoing invoices and reduces errors during the invoicing and payment process.

More and more companies and mandating e-invoicing. With Billit, your clients are ready for this upcoming e-invoicing obligation and can already enjoy all the benefits of e-invoicing.

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Benefits for your clients


Automate the processing operation

E-invoicing allows businesses to automate time-consuming and error-prone invoice processing.


Pay faster

Avoid payment errors and pay multiple invoices in a single operation.


Get paid faster

Digital invoicing ensures your clients get paid faster and improves their cash flow.


Better financial overview

Enhancing financial data with information on outstanding or unpaid invoices will give you a better understanding of your clients’ financial situation.


Link with accounting

E-invoicing links your clients digitally to their accountant or bookkeeper for more efficient processing of accounting tasks.



With Billit, your clients are ready for possible mandatory e-invoicing.

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