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The features that simplify your invoicing flow

Reducing your administration doesn't have to be difficult. Our intuitive features - developed for and by business owners - are easy to master. Discover the features that will instantly save you time in every step of your invoicing process.

Laptop & Smartphone - Dashboard

Process your revenue faster

  • Create and send a new invoice in minutes.
  • Easily create new documents based on templates. Convert a quotation or order form into an invoice in just a few clicks and send it to your customer online.
  • Your invoices go out quicker, and you get paid faster.
Billit - Create Invoice

Process your incoming invoices and receipts digitally

  • Have your supplier invoices sent automatically to Billit. The smart software reads them by itself and you don't have to retype anything.
  • Digitize receipts and store everything in the cloud. You'll never have to search for paper documents again.
Billit - Fast Input
Automate your administration:

Link your bank and avoid repetitive work

  • Link your bank account to Billit and keep the financial overview of your business.
  • When you receive a payment from your customers, it is automatically matched with the correct invoice. You can even pay your suppliers directly in Billit.
  • With handy dashboards, you always have the latest info on your income and expenses.
Billit - Dashboard
On your desktop and mobile

Always have access to your administration

  • Billit gives you access to your administration any time via our online platform on the desktop or the mobile app.
  • The mobile app also lets you scan receipts quickly and easily even when you’re on the go. All data will be stored immediately in your Billit account, in the correct digital format.
Smartphone Billitapp ENG
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Test out all the functions yourself

As soon as a customer pays my invoice, this is automatically registered in Billit thanks to the direct link with the bank.

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Other features

Laptop - Create Invoice


Create and send invoices in minutes.

Smartphone - Ticket in Fast Input


Receive and process your incoming invoices faster.

Smartphone - Dashboard

Link your bank

Link your bank and track the payment status of your invoices.

Laptop - Dashboard 616 X 462 EN


Boost your invoicing flow with integrations.