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Use Billit's Peppol Access Point and send your invoices securely over the network. This way you prevent your invoices from being intercepted and avoid invoice fraud.

Fast and easy

Send invoices in UBL format, a standard that is universally read and processed. This way there is less chance of human error and your invoices are sent faster.

In-house expertise

The (international) legislation surrounding Peppol is changing rapidly. Connect to our Access Point and let Billit sort everything out for you. That way you can be sure of compliancy.

More time for your international ambitions

If your enterprise wants to enter the international market, you often run into an administrative tangle.

Each country or government has its own rules about how to receive and send e-invoices securely. However, your invoicing department doesn't have the time or resources to figure out the complex legislation per country.

With smart software, you don't have to. By connecting to the secure Peppol Access Point, you can be sure that all your invoices are compliant. Moreover, you easily link your ERP package, so your internal accounting department can continue to work as usual.

This leaves you with more time and resources for your international ambitions.

Focus on Compliance & Trust

Our commitment to your security:

Billit takes security very seriously: clients trust us with their data. We use a combination of enterprise-class security features and comprehensive audits of our applications, systems, and networks to ensure that your data is always protected, which means every customer can rest easy.

Security & Privacy

All Peppol & e-invoicing countries

On this page you will find an overview of all countries using Peppol and/or other e-invoicing networks. Each page clarifies the current situation and regulations regarding e-invoicing in each country.

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With an international customer base, we set the bar high for our billing software. However, Billit never lets us down!

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