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Manual: send an invoice via Peppol


Follow the step-by-step plan below to send your first invoice via Peppol with Billit in no time.

1. Create your free account

  • Fill in your account details

How to send an e-invoice via Peppol - 1
    1. Fill in your company name.
    2. Fill in the email address to create your login and choose a password.
    3. Choose the country where your company is located.
    4. Fill in the numer on your screen in the provided box to prove that you are human user.
Create your free account here

Is Billit free?

You can test all Billit functions completely free for the first 15 days. After this period, you can choose a paid licence based on your usage (take a look at our pricing), or continue with the free version that only allows you to send digital invoices via Peppol. You won't be able to use functions such as the automatic payment check, reminders or even receiving Peppol invoices. These options are only available with a paid licence.

2. Fill in your details

  • Enter your company information

How to send an e-invoice via Peppol - 2

Click ‘My company’ in the menu on the left to open your company file and fill the in the mandatory fields (company number, company name, IBAN, email and telephone). This info will appear on your invoice later so make sure the information is complete and correct.

  • Verify your email address

    Verify the email address you used to create your login. Click the ‘Verify’ button in the email you received after registration. You can't send invoices if your login email hasn't been verified!

  • Verify your identity

    To start sending via Peppol you need to verify your identity once via one of the following methods:

    1. By linking your bank account with Billit (Take a look at all the options to link your bank or discover the benefits of linking your bank account). 
    2. By wiring 0.01 € to our account. Depending on your bank it can take up to 3 days before you can verify your identity via this method. Please contact our support for this. Don't forget to provide your IBAN in the email!

Why do I need to verify my identity?

To be able to send your invoice via Peppol we are, as a Peppol Access Point, required to verify your identity first.

3. Create and send your invoice

  • Add an invoice

How to send an e-invoice via Peppol - 3

Go to the menu 'Income', then the submenu 'Invoices' and click 'Add' OR click on 'Invoice' in the section 'Add' on the dashboard. If you want to send an invoice you've created in different software you will need to import it first via fast input.

  • Fill in your invoice details

    Fill in the information that should be included in your invoice:

    1. Click 'Create new customer’  to add a new customer (or select an existing customer if you have one) and fill in your customer information. Your invoice will include the data from your customer file so make sure to always fill in the details that legally should be on your invoice! 
How to send an e-invoice via Peppol - 4

Select your customer's country in the field 'Invoice address' so you can fill in the correct identifier and send your Peppol invoice. If the identifier doesn't appear you can click the orange plus button next to the VAT field and choose the correct identifier.

For Belgian customers, for example, you can simply fill in your customer's company number in the 'VAT' field.

How to send an e-invoice via Peppol - 5
  1. -
  2. Click 'Save' after filling in the customer details.

  3. Fill in order lines, prices, VAT ratings en possible other info on your invoice.

  4. Make sure you've added all legally required info on your invoice. You own data will be collected from your company profile, and that of your customer from their file so these details should be filled in correctly.

Don't know what a Peppol identifier is or not sure which identifiers are used in your client's country?

In this country list you will find extensive information per country about sending invoices to companies and government services via Peppol, and which identifiers to use. Read more about what Peppol is exactly and how the Peppol Access Point works.

  • Create your invoice

    Click ‘Create invoice’ to generate an invoice. This will render a pdf version of your e-invoice (If your company profile is incomplete you will get a pop-up where you can fill in the missing data).

How to send an e-invoice via Peppol - 6
  • Send your invoice

    Click ‘Send’ and the button ‘Send via Peppol’. If the ‘Send via Peppol’ button is not available, your customer is either not connected to the Peppol network or you used an incorrect identifier. In that case, please contact your customer to request the correct information.

How to send an e-invoice via Peppol - 7
  • Track your invoice status

    After your invoice is created or sent, you can find it in the menu under 'Income' > 'Invoices'. In the list you will also see the sent and paid statuses of your invoice. Click an invoice to see more details. In the 'Messages' section below the invoice you will see the IMR messages and evidence files that indicate whether your invoice was correctly sent and received via the Peppol network.

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