Six reasons why accountants and bookkeepers choose Billit

Billit offers a free bookkeeping account as well as free installation and support. With this account, you can effortlessly import UBL invoices directly into your own accounting software. Also, Billit makes it easy to keep track of your business clients, thanks to a personalised client portal on your own website.

6 Redenen Waarom Accountants En Boekhouders Voor Billit Kiezen

1. Greater control of your schedule, fewer quarter-end peaks

Do you have clients showing up on your doorstep every month or every quarter with stacks of paper invoices? Or clients who send WeTransfers of all their documents just before the deadline? That’s all in the past. 

Billit’s bookkeeping account lets you keep control of your schedule. If your Billit account is linked to your client’s account, you can access the invoices at any time and make timely adjustments if you notice any problems. This will help you reduce the usual mountains of work at each quarter-end. 

You decide when to import your clients’ UBL invoices and other data, and into which accounting software package. Billit supports more than 20 accounting software packages.


2. No more manual entries  

With digital invoices now being the norm and stacks of paper invoices dwindling, digital invoices in UBL format are by far the most efficient solution. Your business clients can create their sales invoices in Billit in UBL format and easily convert the purchase invoices they receive on paper or as a PDF into UBL format themselves. 

Your accounting software will automatically read the UBL invoices, meaning you have much less manual work. All you need to do is perform a simple check and make your entry. This will save you time that you can spend on more valuable things for yourself and your business clients. 


3. Easily import CODA files

Business clients using Billit invoicing software can import CODA files automatically. These CODA files can then be delivered to you at the same time.


4. The account, installation and support are entirely free of charge

Billit’s bookkeeping account won’t cost you a cent. Do you have a few (or even a dozen or more) questions, or want a workshop at your office for your account managers? That too is entirely free. Billit is a Belgian company and provides support from Belgium. 

During the workshop, you will learn how Billit works and how to link Billit to your accounting software. Additionally, your regular contact at Billit will proactively call you on a regular basis to find out if everything is going according to plan.

We understand that your time is precious, so the workshop will only take up an hour of your time. Linking Billit’s bookkeeping account to your accounting software takes just 15 minutes. Not tech-savvy? No problem. We can carry out the installation remotely at a time that suits you best. This is also free of charge! 


5. A platform in your own house style

Billit will give you a free personalised web domain ( that your clients can log into. This platform can be formatted entirely in your house style, with your colours and logo.

That’s how you give your firm extra cachet. If you wish, we can also ensure that your clients can log in via your website.


6. A platform that works for your clients

Billit supports business clients in the invoicing process from start to finish: from preparing quotations and sending invoices via email, post or the Peppol network to processing purchase invoices. Billit automates time-consuming administrative processes by linking with their bank, payment solutions and online stores, saving business clients a lot of time. Additionally, Billit serves as an easily searchable online archive. In short, it's a platform that works for you and your clients.