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Towards digital invoicing: What is Chorus Pro?

In previous blogs we zoomed in on the basic principles and the importance of PeppolUBL and Mercurius. In this article you will discover what Chorus Pro is. What do you need to know about this solution?

Op Weg Naar Digitaal Factureren. Wat Is Chorus Pro

Chorus Pro is the software platform on which French government departments receive and process e-invoices and other documents in UBL format. Like Billit's invoicing platform, it is connected to a certified Peppol Access Point. So to send an invoice to a French government department, you must send it from a Peppol Access Point to which you have access and to the Access Point to which the Chorus Pro platform is connected.


Doing business with the French government

Using Chorus Pro was made mandatory in phases between 2017 and 2020 for companies doing business with French public companies (B2G). New legislation extends the mandate for electronic invoicing in France to all companies, including all B2B transactions between 2024 and 2026. Therefore, any (French) company subject to VAT and maintaining B2B relationships will be required to use electronic invoicing with Chorus Pro from 2024.


Broad functionality

Chorus Pro provides several capabilities, including managing and sending electronic invoices, managing billing data, tracking billing status and facilitating payments. The system also supports integration with other business applications, such as accounting software.


In practice

So how do you send your invoice to the Chorus Pro platform? That's easy! Because Billit has its own certified Peppol Access Point, it is very simple to send invoices to a government agency. You first add the French government as a customer in the Billit software and use three identifiers: the VAT number, SIRET number and a specific routing code to determine the appropriate government department. Then you create a sales invoice for that customer and choose "Send via Peppol". That way you can send your first invoice in minutes.

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