Innovations and modifications

Release notes



  • Financial summary widget added.


  • Customer merging: added logging on the customer detail view (tab history) + added a confirmation modal


  • Bank keys: The amount of characters that could be added to the keys textarea is increased (from 100 to 500)

Vat return

  • UI updates and improvements


  • Bonaire is added as a country to select in the customer detail
  • Added Hong Kong to Tax Countries & possible countries to create a customer
  • Added 2 Hong Kong specific identifiers: HKID + BRN
  • VAT numbers of Kazachstan are now being handled correctly while creating a customer or supplier from Kazachstan
  • The Netherlands: Phone numbers bug fixes
  • The Netherlands: New payment file support for NL banks: ABN and ING NL


  • Gross margin: The setting "show gross profit from a quotation" will now being applied on all order forms (quotations, order forms ...)
  • Logs on settings are now visible at the bottom of the settings page logs

Corporate style

  • Page numbering on documents is now optional


  • Romania - ANAF: Upload invoices directly to the ANAF platform
  • Customer matching: When importing structured invoices (XML or API), when multiple customers exist with same VATnr, Billit is using other identifiers to match the correct customer (e.g. GLN, CBE, or any other identifier related to a certain country).

Bug fixes

  • Fast input: OCR VAT percentages
  • Fast Input : Creating a new customer / supplier - zip code and city are not being removed while saving anymore
  • UBL Handling: The platform will not overrule UBL in fast input based on supplier/client file
  • Notifications in wrong language: Titles and action buttons are now always in the correct language
  • Phone numbers: The country dropdown in front of a phone number was set to the country address. 
  • Saving UK phone number still shows BE as Dial Code
  • Improve label accountants registration via website