Connect Billit to Scrada

Expand Billit with a digital daily receipts book and/or cash book

With Scrada, in accordance with Belgian legislation, you can manage your daily receipts and cash books completely digitally. These documents give you an overview of your daily sales without invoice and your cash expenses and receipts. By linking Scrada with Billit, you also get a overview in your invoicing software.

You can easily share these daily receipts and/or cash books, together with your invoices, with your accountant online.

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An extensive financial overview

Besides an overview of your income and expenditure, outstanding invoices, etc. the Scrada integrations lets you see your digital cash book and/or daily receipts book in Billit. This gives you a comprehensive financial overview at a glance, regardless of the payment method.


Automatic synchronisation

All data in your digital cash book and daily receipts book are synchronised and reconciled in Billit.


Share with your accountant

Link with more than 30 accounting packages and easily share your records with your accountant. When linked via Billsync, API, or FTP, the self-generated CODA files are also sent to the accounting software.

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