VIVES students get to know e-invoicing and Billit

Recently, Billit colleagues Dirk Willekens and Gilles Lavent headed to VIVES University of Applied Sciences in Kortrijk. The purpose of their visit? To give final-year Business Management students an introduction to ‘the real deal’.

Vives Billit Workshop

Digital invoicing and accounting in practice

A good eighty eager students from the field of commercial sciences and business administration were there to our colleagues. After arriving in the auditorium, Dirk immediately kicked things off with the theoretical background of digital invoicing and Peppol. Among other things, he discussed the development of the technology, its benefits and the future of processing digital invoices in a structured manner.

Vives Dirk

After that, it was down to Gilles to present the practical session, providing a demonstration on how to use Billit both as an entrepreneur and as an accountant. The students, who had set up micro-enterprises in groups of six, immediately began to see how things worked in practice. They learned how to process purchase and sales invoices for their made-up company by creating an interface between Billit and the Octopus accounting package. In the future, they will be able to apply this knowledge in their future roles as entrepreneurs or accountants. Wherever they end up, we wish them all every success in their further education, and we look forward to welcoming them into the labour market very soon.

Vives Gilles

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