Innovations and modifications:

Release notes


Share Quotation

  • Via QR or public link

Fast Input

  • Visual improvements when new suplier is found


  • Peppol BIS reporting

Country Support - Georgia

  • The platform now better supports the different types of Georgian tax numbers


  • FTP connections: No more hardcoded folder names in Dutch for the Billsync and ftp connection file structure. The folder names will be shown in the language of the accountant
  • Car-pass: V2 (migration from SOAP to REST and update of screens)

Bug Fixes

  • Stock products: Issues fixed with the displayed amount of stock, if more products are added than are in stock
  • Reminders: Reminder will no longer be send via SMTP to the customer if the invoice is paid while the email is still in queue waiting to be send. 
  • Connection requests: Upon accountant connection request, the platform does not show notification for inactive companies anymore. 
  • Report bank statement report: extra column linked above

Self Service

  • Deactivate MFA: Automated MFA reset via signed a connective document with E-id. 
  • Billbank: Extra functionality to send a reminder to the bank so that the bank is reminded to activate the coda flow for the specific bank account. 
  • Change login email: A user can now change the profile login e-mail