Billit wins the E-invoicing award 2022

During the E-invoicing Summit on October 25 in Brussels, Billit was honored with an award. We were unanimously named winner of the 2022 E-invoicing award. COO Victor was present to receive the prize. He explains why it is so important for Billit and the e-invoicing industry to receive this recognition.

E Invoicing Award - Heliview

What exactly is the E-invoicing award?

The award, as the name suggests, aims to highlight e-invoicing and encourage Belgian companies to take the step towards a digital future. It used to be called the e-FA Award and focused only on the Flemish market. With e-invoicing becoming increasingly important, the E-invoicing Award has extended the market to players across Belgium who are committed to digital invoicing.

Why did Billit win the award?

According to the unanimous motivation of the jury, which included members of BOSA and Agoria, Billit has a clear vision to help companies move to (inbound and outbound) digital invoicing. As a result, we are very effective in our approach and have built a lot of credibility in the industry. Exactly those are the biggest obstacles to grow in the world of e-invoicing.

Moreover, the jury lauded that Billit offers solutions for both large and small companies. Thanks to our strong technological approach, our platform is performant and simple. This makes our model sustainable and suitable for growth to the general public.

The jury also recognized that from the beginning we have involved the accounting industry in the development of our software. So we offer solutions not only for businesses, but also directly for accounting firms.

Moreover, we invest a lot of effort in informing Belgian companies about e-invoicing, which was the decisive factor for the jury to award this prize to Billit.

What does this award mean for Billit?

First of all, it is a confirmation of our work and that we are on the right track. Where at the start of Billit we encountered a lot of misunderstanding and resistance, we see that companies are increasingly open to the benefits of e-invoicing. This is thanks to the work of our team.

The award is therefore a well-deserved recognition of what they accomplish every day. They are the ones who, day in and day out, convince customers to get on board with the digital story.

The award gives us courage and especially a lot of enthusiasm to continue like this.

What other plans does Billit have?

Of course we want to put e-invoicing even more on the map at home and abroad. Unfortunately, this is not easy due to the current Belgian legislation. Many other (European) countries have already introduced mandatory e-invoicing for B2B. This is not yet the case in Belgium. We know this obligation for the Flemish and Federal government, but not yet for companies. However, clarity is on the way: Belgium is drawing up a timeline to gradually make e-invoicing mandatory from 2024.
This is why Billit is already starting the debate and informing all parties involved about how e-invoicing works and what the benefits are. We will be fully prepared for the enormous demand for e-invoicing and to successfully guide companies in their digitalization, both in Belgium and in the rest of Europe, by the time the official obligation is imposed.

Of course, businesses don't have to wait that long. Those who start digital invoicing now take a big head start.

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