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Send e-invoices with Billit via Stripe Apps

The Billit App allows you to send e-invoices via your Stripe account. After a quick, one-time set-up, your e-invoices will be sent automatically.

You can easily see the sent status of all your invoices in Stripe Apps and you will be notified if an error occurs. You can try out the app for free for 15 days.

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What is Billit?

Billit is a global e-invoicing platform and certified Peppol Access Point. It has been working for years to simplify the payment process for companies worldwide while making security a top priority.

Billit guarantees the same level of uniformity for all sent e-invoices in terms of ease and safety. With the Billit App in the App Marketplace Stripe customers will be able to send e-invoices safely and directly from the Stripe environment.

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Send your first e-invoice via Billit

Installation manual

Follow the steps to install the integration and read the frequently asked questions.

Create a Billit account

Test all functions for free for 15 days

Pricing plans

Discover the pricing plans tailored to your company's needs. Choose a rating based on the amount of invoices you process.

Supported countries

Discover the countries or e-invoicing networks supported by Billit.