Innovations and modifications:

Release notes


Fast input

  • Create a new supplier via the inline modal - vat regime dropdown added.
  • When processing a UBL in fast input and supplier is not identified, "create new supplier" will propose address data from structured input data (e.g. UBL) to facilitate creation of new supplier.


  • Newly added button group to select if it is a company or a private customer / supplier.
  • Newly added "advanced" switch to switch between the new simplified version and the already existing advanced detail view.
  • Merge in overview: Double customers / suppliers can now be merged into on customer / supplier via the bulk action "Merge".
  • Customer / supplier creation: Extra warning if customer / supplier already exists.

Accountant software

  • Exact Online: Analytical costcenters/costbearers dropdown + sync button for accounting api integrations.
  • Venice: PDF will now be available in Venice.
  • Octopus: Option to send the documents to DMS.
  • Send Coda via mail: It is now possible to export CODA-files via Billmail.

Extra Integration improvements

  • Sync button: Sync button in every api integration (syncing customers/suppliers/ledger accounts/analytic.
  • Fast input and ‘edit order’: dropdown for Costcenters and costunits.
  • Billsync: extra option in billsync integatrion to add an extra page with extra info.


  • New "share quotation" button added.


  • OCR improvements - better support for characters: ä / ü / ö / ß.

User administration

  • When adding a new user to a file an email will be send notifying an existing user that a company want to add them to their file.
  • User rights: new button to deactivate all rights at once.


  • Dashboard: a new widget to advertise our workshops is now visible on the dashboard.