Available now: the renewed Billit app for smartphones

You can download the brand-new Billit app in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store today. This app allows you to quickly and easily scan your purchase receipts and send them to your Billit account so you can share them with your accountant. Convenient!

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No more receipt chaos

Paper receipts... As an entrepreneur you probably have a love-hate relationship with them. It's great that you can enter them as expenses in your bookkeeping, but then you have to keep them organised and get them to your accountant intact.

The new Billit app lets you get rid of that receipt chaos: you can instantly scan your purchase receipts with your smartphone, wherever you are. So, you no longer have to physically keep track of all those tiny pieces of paper. All data are instantly in your Billit account, in the correct digital format.


How the new Billit app works

Just scan your receipt with your smartphone camera, and our advanced OCR technology (Optical Character Recognition) will do the rest. Your paper receipt will instantly be converted into the right digital format. Check the amounts, add any additional information and with one touch of a button, you send the digital receipt to your Billit account, where you can share it with your accountant. It has never been easier to enter expenses. And from now on, you will always have this function at your fingertips.

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Besides the scan function, the mobile app also offers the option of direct access to the Billit invoicing platform, so that you always have an overview of your company's income and expenses.


Download the Billit app now

You can download the Billit app completely free. Just login with your standard Billit account.

Download the Billit app for iPhone

Download the Billit app for Android

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