Innovations and modifications:

Release Notes



  • Purchase ledger and sales ledger: Added tooltip to exported checkmarks in purchase and sales ledger displaying the date the document was last exported.
  • Sage (FR): Integration with Sage (FR)
  • Octopus: Choose language for Cost center and GL account description (Octopus)
  • Accountant user: Enable file admin settings as default when adding a new accountant user

Corporate style

  • Payment link warning: Warning will be shown when a paymentlink is on the template but Mollie or Payconiq is not activated.

Daily earnings

  • It isn't possible anymore to edit a submitted line in the daily earnings
  • All inputs will be shown in chronological order (descending (so last date will be shown at the top of the list))
  • 0 lines are added if a date has no input and that date is > the last input and < a new input
  • It is now possible to submit a correction for a date that was already submitted in the current diary or on a date of in previous diary 
  • When closing a diary, a modal will be shown to submit the end date of a diary. When a diary is closed a new diary will be setup for the closing date of the previous diary + 1 day.


  • Invoice Message Response - new status 'PD’ (paid). 
  • KSeF integration to send invoice to Poland available via ‘settings’ > ‘integrations’
  • Send invoice via Peppol: Added extra warnings to the send screen

Registration / Login page

  • layout change


  • Bank connection with KBC / CBC: New labels for the modal to guide a KBC / CBC user better through the process


  • New filter "Payment method.

Product page

  • Detail page buttons bottom bar


  • Duplicate account warning: Warnings will be shown if a vat number is already being used.


  • Menu item fast input "wrong numbers”: Fixed an issue where an incorrect amount of files to process in the fast input was shown in the menu
  • Automatic reminder: The automatic reminder will only be send if the original invoice was sent. (sent via Peppol, mail or the switch "Sent" is active) & The automatic reminder will not be send if the invoice is still in draft
  • Payment files with "hyphens”: The hyphens are now being removed when handeling payment files. Some banks (BNP...) throw errors if hyphens are in a the payment file name.
  • Approval flow: Fixed an issue where no selected approvers would not be saved in the fast input resulting in the last setup with approvers to be used instead
  • Fast input: fixed exchange rate for AUD + IBAN is now noted as SWIFTUS
  • My company: Error text for wrong Fax input