New file overview on Billit accountant platform

Good news for accountants: we have improved the customer file overview on the Billit accountant platform. From now on, you can view all the files and bank account numbers belonging to your business customers at a glance. There are also some new features to make your work even easier.

New file overview on Billit accountant platform

Convenient overview of all files…

The new ‘Files’ screen has replaced the ‘Dashboard’, combining it with the list of all business files.

This new screen shows you immediately which files have already been processed and which ones contain new documents. You can also see which documents you need to check or export. In addition, files with a problem are marked with a specific icon in the ‘status’ column.

… and all bank accounts

There is also a second tab, ‘Bank accounts’, where you can see a list of all your customers’ bank account numbers. You can also see whether or not you receive CODA files (BE only) in Billit for each of these bank accounts.

Accountants Portal Files En

New features

The new ‘Files’ screen also enables you to:

  • export purchase and sales invoices from several files at once.
  • see a list of active integrations (e.g. BillSync, Exact Online).
  • see whether the licence for a file is paid by the business itself or by your accountancy firm.

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