A satisfied Billit customer:

Sonja Vanlooy – Cleaning Behind Doors

"Billit contains no unnecessary bells and whistles. The billing software does what it promises!"


In October 2016, Sonja Vanlooy started her cleaning company Cleaning Behind Doors. "My team of driven cleaners roll up their sleeves daily to provide professional cleaning of offices, new construction projects and homes to be rented, among other things. Through gift certificates, individuals can also call on Cleaning Behind Doors' cleaning services."

Sonja Van Looy - Cleaning Behind Doors

"Partly due to the corona crisis, it was all hands on deck in the past few years to acquire and keep customers on board. Today, however, the business is running like clockwork, and so Billit's efficient billing software is more than welcome."

‘Keep it simple’

At the recommendation of her accountant, Sonja switched from a competing billing software package to Billit several years ago. "The previous package worked well, but contained too many features that I didn't use. With Billit, the returns are a lot higher. I pay a fair fixed monthly price - based on the number of invoices issued - and I use all the possibilities the software offers me, such as creating quotations and order forms. It's not a jumble of unnecessary bells and whistles, but a program that does what it promises. I like that 'keep it simple' approach!"

"Because my accountant also uses Billit, the exchange of documents and accompanying communication goes very smoothly," Sonja confirms. "When I go to him for a discussion of my financial figures, I always take my laptop with me. That way I can easily show my own reports and discuss them with the accountant. Super convenient!"

it all adds up

How would Sonja describe Billit's billing software in three keywords? She doesn't have to think long about that question. "Simple, user-friendly and a guarantee of error-free billing. I find it very reassuring that Billit identifies manual billing errors in a timely manner. A wrong e-mail address or an incomplete VAT number? Via a handy alert you can immediately make adjustments, which saves a lot of time."

Sonja also sees additional time savings in the software's handy search capabilities. "Looking up customers or outstanding invoices is child's play. By the way, did you know that Billit indicates how many outstanding invoices a customer has when you create a new invoice? In addition, you can add a personal touch to reminders emails, allowing you to address your customers in a tailored way. I can really appreciate that functionality as well."

Indispensable software

Clearly, Sonja is a big fan of Billit. "The billing software has already saved me a lot of time and money. This allows me to fully focus on running my business. I can only recommend the package to fellow entrepreneurs!"



Cleaning Behind Doors
Sonja Vanlooy
Managing Director

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