Link Billit with your accounting software


Billit has several possibilities to link the files of your entrepreneurs with your accounting software. You can effortlessly import structured electronic invoices (UBL) from Billit into your accounting software for easy and error-free processing.

Import invoices via your server with Billsync

The Billsync link synchronizes files from Billit via your own server with your accounting software. After a short installation by a Billit specialist, you set up where and when your files are imported.

Hero Billsync

Import invoices via email inboxes with Billmail

The Billmail connection imports structured electronic invoices (UBL) at preset times via the email inboxes of the accounting software.

Hero Billmail

Export invoices to your FTP or SFTP server

Billit also has its own FTP/SFTP link that allows you to export structured electronic invoices to a location on your own FTP or SFTP server from which the accounting software can retrieve them.

Hero FTP

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