Time registration and projects: two new functions in Billit

Billit has two brand-new functions. The ‘Time registration’ function lets you easily track your hours worked. This gives you a better overview of the hours you have worked for a particular customer or on a project. You can easily group time registrations and invoices in ‘Projects’.

Time Registration3

What is time registration?

Time registration allows you to keep track of the number of hours you worked on a particular task. You start the timer when you commence a task and stop it again when you are finished. Alternatively, you can also manually enter a time slot. This means you and your client know exactly how many hours you have worked, and you can invoice accordingly. Incidentally, this is very easy too. You convert one or more time slots into an invoice with just a few clicks.

Working with projects

From now on, you can also manage projects in Billit. You can create multiple projects for each customer and simply add time slots and invoices. This means you have a clear overview of your total hours worked and invoiced at any time. For each project, you can also see how much of the planned budget your customers have already spent.

Time registration and projects in Billit: how does it work?

Our Help Pages tell you everything you need to know, step by step, about working with time registrations and projects in Billit.

You can also your track hours worked via the Billit App

For extra convenience, we have integrated the time registration function in the Billit app. This lets you track your hours worked not only through the platform but also on your mobile. This is a must if you often travel for work.

If you do not have the updated Billit app yet, download it now.

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