Innovations and modifications:

Release Notes


New filter options for accountants

Additional filters are now available in the purchase and sales journals for accountants. You can now search by customer, file type, minimum and maximum amount, or payment method.

Cropping and OCR on mobile version

When you scan a receipt on your smartphone, you can now also crop the image. In addition, the OCR reads the data from your receipt and automatically fills it in the fields of Billit. You only need to check the pre-filled fields.

New options for reminders

You can set per customer when reminders should or should not be sent. When multiple email addresses have been added for a customer, a separate tab appears where you can choose which documents or reminders should be sent to which address.

Billit on your smartphone

Billit is fully responsive. This means that you can use Billit anytime and anywhere via the browser on any smartphone or tablet. This way, you do not need to download an app. You can also put a shortcut on your smartphone so you can open Billit via a button. Follow the instructions below to set up a shortcut.

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