Electronic invoicing between companies in Belgium will become mandatory from 2026

The Belgian Federal Council of Ministers, on the proposal of Finance Minister Vincent Van Peteghem, has approved a preliminary draft law making electronic invoicing between companies mandatory from Jan. 1, 2026. 

Minister Vincent Van Peteghem mandates electronic invoicing between companies from 2026

Structured electronic invoices become the norm

Today, electronic invoicing (also called e-invoicing or digital invoicing) is already mandatory for Belgian companies issuing invoices to the Federal and Flemish governments. As of 2026, this will also become the norm for transactions between taxable companies.

Specifically, Belgian companies will have to use structured electronic invoices (GEFs), sent via the Peppol network. GEFs are digital files in XML (Extensible Markup Language) format, built according to a universal structure, the Universal Business Language or UBL. This structure ensures that software packages worldwide can read and process electronic invoices fully automatically.


Why is electronic invoicing becoming mandatory?

Invoices that are prepared, sent, received and processed completely digitally have numerous advantages. For example, many processes can be automated, leading to time savings and administrative simplification for companies and their accountants.

For the government, electronic invoicing is above all a strong weapon in the fight against VAT fraud. This new preliminary draft is therefore part of the coalition agreement, which explicitly includes reducing the VAT gap.

Before the draft bill on electronic invoicing can be voted on, the Council of State, the High Council for the Self-Employed and SMEs, Agrofront and ITAA must first give their advice.


Electronic invoicing with Billit

Those who choose Billit today are already completely ready for the future. With our billing software you can create and process invoices entirely electronically. Moreover, through Billit you have access to the Peppol network, which is the standard for sending and receiving e-invoices.

Not using Billit yet? Then try it out for free and experience the convenience of electronic invoicing right away.


Read more about the decision of the Council of Ministers regarding electronic invoicing (French)

Read the press release of the Minister of Finance (French)

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