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Invoicing with Billit via ANAF

  • How to connect with ANAF and send e-invoices to a Romanian customer

    If you want to start sending and receiving Romanian e-invoices via Billit you need to connect Billit with the ANAF platform. For that, you first need to generate an authorization token from ANAF and Postman.

    Follow the steps below to request this token.

    Please note: this manual is based on the current ANAF procedure but some steps in the portal may change over time. As soon as we're aware of these changes, we will update this page.

    Before you start


    1. You need to register as a legal person (Persoane Juridice) in the SPV or "Private Virtual Space". You can register as a legal, designated or authorized representative via the ANAF platform
    2. You will receive a Client ID and Client Secret after your registration. You will need these for the following steps.
    3. You also need a Postman account to generate your token. If you don't have an account yet, you can create one for free.

    Generating a token

    1. Open the Postman app and create a 'GET' operation. Do this by selecting 'GET' in the top left corner and entering the following Authorization Endpoint:
    2. Now switch to the 'Authorization tab' and fill in the following fields:
    Grant type Authorization Code
    Callback URL
    Access Token URL
    Callback URL
    Client ID Enter the Client ID from the ANAF platform
    Client Secret Enter the Client Secret from the ANAF platform
    Client Authentication Send as Basic Auth Header
    1. -
    2. -
    3. Make sure to check the box 'Authorize using browser' under Callback URL.
    4. Confirm by clicking 'Get New Access Token' at the bottom.
    5. A new browser window will open from Thales. If you don't see this new window, make sure the box under Callback URL is ticked and your pop-up blocker is disabled.
    6. Fill in your ANAF portal user name and password in the pop-up from Thales. Click OK to confirm. When the token is generated successfully, you will see a green checkmark message in your browser.
    7. You will now be redirected to Postman. Under 'Token Details' you will see your new authorization tokens. Click the button 'Use Token' To continue.
    8. You can now use this Access Token in Billit.

    Connecting Billit with ANAF

    1. Go to your Billit account and log in
    2. Go to "Settings" > "Integrations" and look for the "ANAF" tile
    3. Click on the "Available" button. You will now need to fill in the 4 fields. Enter the ClientID and ClientSecret from the ANAF platform. Enter the AccesToken and RefreshToken from Postman.
    4. Confirm by clicking the "Add" button.


    Billit and ANAF are now connected.

    If you want to send a Romanian invoice via Billit, you can now do this via ANAF and the "Send via ANAF" button.