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Invoicing with Billit via SAT

  • How to connect with SAT and send e-invoices to a Mexican customer

    If you want to send and receive Mexican e-invoices via Billit you will need to register with SAT and activate the SAT integration in Billit. 

    Before you start

    1. Register your organization for free with the Mexican Tax Authority. You will receive a CSD certificate, a key and password which you will need to activate the integration in Billit. Store this information safely.

    You can register your company via the SAT portal.

    Connecting Billit with SAT

    1. Go to your Billit account and log in
    2. Go to "Settings" > "Integrations" and look for the "SAT" tile
    3. Click on the "Available" button. You will now need to upload 2 files and enter the password you received with your SAT registration. These are:
      1. A CSD certificate (Mexican VAT authority certificate)
      2. Private key 
      3. Password
    4. Confirm by clicking the "Add" button.


    Billit and ANAF are now connected.