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In this section of the Billit website, you will find manuals and explanations about all the features in Billit. You can find help articles using the search function or through the menu structure on the left which follows the menu-structure in Billit.

Send files for processing to your accountant

As a business owner, you can manually or automatically share the following types of documents with your accountant through Billit:

  • Purchase invoices and receipts
  • Sales invoices
  • CODA files
  • Miscellaneous documents
  • How do I link my accountant? (automatically)

    When you send invoices and documents to your accountant via the 'Send' submenu under the 'Accountant' menu, Billit automatically checks if an accountant or accounting firm with the provided email address is registered with Billit. If so, you will receive a notification asking you to link your file with this accountant. Click the 'Link' button to establish the connection. Your accountant will then receive a request to confirm the linkage.

    Your accountant can also send you a connection request in the same way. For information on how accountants link a business dossier, refer to:

    Manage files

    Once the link is established, your accountant can better monitor your dossier and upload your invoices and documents into their accounting software at the end of each quarter. If your accounting firm is not yet using Billit, please feel free to inform us, and we will gladly reach out to explain all the advantages of using Billit.