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In this section of the Billit website, you will find manuals and explanations about all the features in Billit. You can find help articles using the search function or through the menu structure on the left which follows the menu-structure in Billit.

Payment options in Billit

  • Paying invoices with a payment file

    To avoid mistakes when copying payment data from Billit, you can generate and export a payment file (SEPA file) in Billit and import it in your bank software. To do this, select the invoices you want to pay in the 'Expenditure' list and click 'Pay' (Don't forget to fill in your bank account numbers in your company file first, or you won't be able to select a bank account in the next step).

    Next, you can verify the data. Select your bank to generate a payment file and click 'download payment file'. If you have several accounts, don't forget to select the correct account before downloading the payment file.

    You can now import the download file in your banking software. Please note that a payment file is usually only valid for one day. We advise you to import your file immediately after downloading it. Some banks also charge a fee per execution date. In that case, it can be useful to have all payments go through on the same execution date.

    Your invoice payment date will not be changed after generating a payment file (your invoice is actually not paid at this time). Just like with other transactions, the invoice payment status will only change after the automatic payment verification can link the transaction to the invoice.

    Read more about the automatic payment check.