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In this section of the Billit website, you will find manuals and explanations about all the features in Billit. You can find help articles using the search function or through the menu structure on the left which follows the menu-structure in Billit.

Add products

  • Adding a product

    To add a product to your list, click the 'Products' menu and then the 'Add' button. You will see an input field where you can fill in all product details. When you start typing a product name in your invoice you can select it from your list.

    The 'Stock' field allows you to manage your supplies. For example: you have ten units in stock and you sell three units. When you add these sold products to your invoice the stock will change to '7'.

    By using a USB or Bluetooth barcode scanner (prices vary between 70 € and 430 €) you can save the unique barcodes (numbers) as a reference.

    In the description you will see the product name. After scanning the barcode, the unique barcode number of the scanned product will automatically appear in the orderline. Based on that reference Billit will suggest the correct description and you can quickly create the invoice based on the scanned products.

    You can of course also type in this reference.

    Use Units if you want to use one product line for a box with several units. For example, your product is a box with eight light bulbs. You put the units to '8'.

    The 'Discount %' field is used for volume discounts:

    • From 100: 2% discount
    • From 200: 5% discount
    • From 500: 10% discount