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Register book

Garage owners in Belgium legally need to keep a register that contains which cars go in and out in your garage. Thanks to Billit you can also do this completely digital now.

After deregistering a vehicle you can easily add the invoice number to the registration. That way, you always have an overview of the cars in your garage and you comply with the Circulaire 2018/C/47 regarding the the VAT register of motor vehicles.

  • Activating the register book

    Article 28 of Royal Decree No. 1 of 29/12/1992 stipulates that any entrepreneur who regularly performs any of the following operations must keep a register of the motor vehicles present at each business location.

    Specifically, it involves anyone who:

    • supplies motor vehicles or services for motor vehicles (except washing)
    • supplies second hand motor vehicles
    • serves as intermediary in the supply of second hand motor vehicles

    This provision does not apply to anyone who only assembles or constructs motor vehicles.

    According to this Royal Decree everyone to whom this obligation applies needs to fill in the register:

    • as soon as a vehicle enters the premises for one of the above reasons. In the register you need to enter a serial number, the date of entry the license plate (or if there is none, the vehicle chassis number) and, if applicable, the customer VAT number
    • when the vehicle leaves the premises. You need to enter the date in the register

    The register entry should be completed  inschrijving in het register moet in orde zijn, at the latest at the end of the month following the month in which the vehicle left the company. You also have to add a reference to the invoice number per vehicle.

    Vehicles you need to keep in the register book are all motorized land vehicles that are registered with the government.

    Specifically these are:

    • passenger cars
    • cars for double use
    • minibuses, buses or coaches
    • motorhomes
    • trucks
    • vans
    • tractors (for agriculture, forestry or different purposes, if they need to be registered)
    • motorcycles and mopeds

    Exceptions are made for type A mopeds, type B mopeds and speedpedelecs. These vehicles are registered with the government but you don't have to enter them in the register book.

    The information on this page is a simplified version of the circular letter 2018/C/47 that discusses the VAT obligations that result from the articles 28 and 29 from the KB no. 1 of 29.12.1992 regarding the value-added tax payment scheme.

    For more details read the complete circular letter 2018/C/47 regarding the VAT register of motor vehicles.