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In this section of the Billit website, you will find manuals and explanations about all the features in Billit. You can find help articles using the search function or through the menu structure on the left which follows the menu-structure in Billit.

Adding customers

  • Adding a list of customers

    If you already have a list of customers, you can easily import it into Billit. This way you do not have to create all customer files individually and you can save a lot of time.

    • Step 1

    Click 'Customers' in the menu and click 'Import'. You can also export an empty template first, paste the data from your own list and import it again.

    • Step 2

    Select the list you want to import from your computer.

    Warning! Billit supports .CSV files and Excel files in .xslx format. Files with the extension .xls (Excel 2007 & 2013) are not supported!

    • Step 3

    For each field in the customer file you need to select the corresponding column in your file via the dropdown menu. If you exported a template first and copied the data into the existing columns, you can skip this step.

    Please note: you don't have to connect all fields with a column but each line/customer should contain at least a VAT number or email address, or the customer won't be imported.

    • Step 4

    Done! Your customers are now imported.