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Approving costs in Fast Input

  • How to activate cost approval in Fast Input

    If several people in your company need to approve an expense, you can enable the 'Approve costs' option. This allows users to receive an email asking them to approve or reject the purchase invoice (including a link to open the invoice). They can also find the invoices they need to approve in the submenu 'Approve' under the menu 'Expenses'. Approvers can also add a comment which will be added to the 'Internal comment' field.

    Please note: only registered users can approve an invoice. Each user created costs 5 € per month.

    To enable the 'Approve costs' option, go to the 'Settings' menu. Scroll down until you see the section 'Approval'. Here you can turn on the option 'Approve costs'.

    Has a user not yet approved an expense? Then you can send that user a reminder. Open the invoice and click 'Send reminder' next to the user name in the 'Approvals' section. In the last column you will find when the last reminder was sent.