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In this section of the Billit website, you will find manuals and explanations about all the features in Billit. You can find help articles using the search function or through the menu structure on the left which follows the menu-structure in Billit.

Create and send an invoice

This article explains how you can create and send an electronic invoice (UBL) in Billit in three easy steps (B2C, B2B and Government services).

  • Step 3: Send your invoice via Peppol, email or mail

    You can send your invoice after creating it. Select it from the list under 'Income' and click 'Send'. You can also click 'Send' at the bottom after creating your invoice.

    Please note: when you send documents by selecting them in the 'Income' list and clicking 'Send', the documents will be sent immediately via the standard sending methode set in your customer file.

    Before sending your invoice, you can also add attachments and payment transactions to your invoice in the fields 'Attachments' and 'Payments'.

    Billit offers several sending options:

    • Send via Peppol

    Is your customer connected to the Peppol network? Click the green Peppol button to send your invoice. This button is only visible when Billit recognizes via the Peppol identifier (e.g. VAT, kvk or GLN number) that the company is registered on the Peppol network. After your invoice is sent you will see the status of your invoice - 'in queue' or 'Sent' in the message section.

    Some invoicing software send a confirmation back after importing the invoice. This is the case for the Mercurius platform which is used by the Belgian government services.

    Peppol verification

    To send an invoice via the Peppol network you first need to verify yourself via IBAN or phone.

    • Send via email

    Click the 'Send via email' button to send your invoice via email.

    Emails from Billit are sent from the mailadres 'email' by default, where 'email' is replaced by the name in your profile. When a customer replies to an email sent from this address you will receive the mail on the email address set in your profile. Please note: Billit will send emails by default to the address in your profile. Make sure to check if this is correct.

    Send invoices from your own email address

    Do you prefer to send emails from your own email address? (e.g. That's possible. Billit offers two options to send emails from your own address.

    • Send via bpost

    Click 'Send via letter' to have your invoice printed and sent by bpost. Please note: you will be charged the current print and postal ratings from  bpost.

    • Print your invoice

    Click 'Print' to print your invoice.

    • Duplicate your invoice

    Click 'Duplicate' to create a duplicate of your invoice.

    • Convert your invoice into a credit note or periodic invoice

    Click 'Credit note' or 'Periodic invoice' to convert your created invoice to a credit note or periodic invoice.